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Enriching the lives of female entrepreneurs through online

marketing and networking.

Were you told to cold call 100 people

from your upline?

Are you "Randomly" Posting but not seeing any results?


Do you have a Business plan on Social? 

Cold calling has not only become obsolete, inefficient, and ineffective but has become counter-productive with today's high levels of sales resistance. Did you know that only 1% of Cold Calls ultimately lead to appointments? Yikes, Who has time to call 52 people a day anymore and still run their own business? 


The problem isn't always what you are posting but could be how you are posting it. Facebook scores your posts based on value and engagement. So if you are just sharing products day in and day out, using words like "sale", "buy", "comment", "Share" etc., and not building those relationships, you are missing out on a great opportunity!


Did you know that These things can also cause Facebook to lower your relevance scores, showing fewer and fewer friends and followers of your content? 

Let's Create Your Social Media Marketing Plan

based on your personal brand!

*Results will vary based on consistency, content and your following.

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Hi, I'm Jacqueline, A Social Media Consultant, and Facebook Page Manager.


Sometime in the 90’s My love for computers began. I dabbled in Computer Graphics and some Webpage design and eventually decided to start my own business. So in 2007 I started a Business in the Beauty Industry and focused my sales online. From there I continued to help my friends organize their offices and inventory, events, and daily schedules and  hosted my own fundraisers with other Female Entrepreneurs to raise money for The Wings Program in Palatine, IL.

Today I teach hundreds of women how to personally brand themselves and stay motivated while doing it!

I work with an Amazing Group of Women in our

GetPinked Community daily. 

Our GetPinked Community is for those that want the daily motivation, to learn a couple of online marketing tips throughout the month and participate in Fun Engagement and Beta Studies to help build our personal brand!

to Get Started?

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