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Canva Vision Board 2023
Soft Launch January 17th, 2023

What is a GetPinked soft launch? It is the usually the beginning of  an online course in it's Beta testing stage. Each day new content will be uploaded and tested. At times I will reach out to various members to get their input during this stage as well as offer our GetPinked Community a 50% discount as a thank you for your help!

Create your own design from a Canva template or you can start from scratch

_Simple pink 2023 Vision Board.png
Click above to watch the 1st Tutorial
Click above to watch the 2nd Tutorial
Canva Pro Users (1).png
Grab this free Valentine
11x17 template & a Sneak Peek of Our Valentines Day Canva Course!
Template Simple Valentine Event PosterCover  (17 × 11 in).png
Click image above to open in Canva
Now Let's Create a Vision Board Story with Canva!
Watch This Tutorial if you are a Canva Free User
Grab these Free Canva Story Templates below
_Simple 2023 Vision Board Story template.png
_Simple 2023 Vision Board Story template (1).png
Canva Pro Users use the one with the cloud background to upload your own pictures. Canva Free users you can use the one on the right and upload your photos and layer them on top of the white boxes
Grab this Free Paper to use as a Background for your Stories or FB Post
Right Click and save each image from your computer or hold down each image and download from your phone. *Feel free to use for your posts, stories or other designs

Thank You for Joining Our Training!

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