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Create a Facebook Business Page
Facebook Business Pages are for Building your Personal Brand & expanding your customer reach.
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If you have an existing Facebook Business Page

Create 2-3 Stories a day
This will help "Jumpstart" your algorithms

Post twice a day
(One Motivation and Rotate the Second Post between Tips& Tutorials,
Personal Video, FB Live, Engagement
Posts, Lifestyle Posts, etc.
Only 10% of your posts should be
about a product.

Do not be tempted to "Sell" on your personal wall. This goes against Fb Guidelines and many company guidelines as well. 
Create  A Private VIP FB Group

Groups are for Building "relationships", Offering specials, contests and giveaways
GP Checklist fb group 2022.png
If you have an existing group
that is not active... try this!
Be sure you are online to respond to comments,
especially within the first 30 mins. 

If you get little to no responses, try going back to the post, edit and tag 7-10 Group Members

Next, do a simple contest
People love to Win things. Use a fun engagement post to get the contest going. 

And as always, you have
to show up daily.
Consistency is key! 

Post valuable content and they
will come back daily!
Would you like to get more weekly tips like these, a few graphics and connect with other female entrepreneurs?

Lacking engagement/views and page reach? Not sure how to create a FB Business Page Story or what to post?


I can Help!

Let's schedule  your 1:1 Online training through FB Messenger and

get you Set up for Success!

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