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Welcome to My New Website!

Welcome to my New Website. I have decided to make the switch from creating my own coding with my previous web host to Wix. And so far I'm enjoying the New Seo features, the ease of uploads and template options. The only downfall is that you still have to learn how to create straps and container boxes. And adding layers to blank pages doesn't always save the way you see it on your screen. Ie: My Headline was Under my Subheader etc. But overall, it's nice to explore the new features my previous web host didn't provide and the top one being 24/7 Customer Service. (Thank you to Marie in Dublin for spending 2 hrs with me, you taught me so much.)

All in all if you are a product based company, this would also be a great option! You can even connect your PayPal 😃

*Stay tuned for Freebies this Friday for Your FB VIP Groups! 😘

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